Our major breakthrough characteristic in service delivery is the creation of a close relationship with our clients and team organisation directed towards addressing the task assigned. Our consultants pay particular attention to their areas of specialization and the understanding of the clients' needs and problems.


We are a registered CPA practice offering internal and external audit services to varied clients. Auditing of financial statements adds credibility to financial statements. We work under the ethical guidelines issued by ICPAK and IFAC that ensures the upholding of high levels of integrity and confidentiality as we ensure that information contained in the financial statements are useful to stakeholders.


These services include:

Statutory Audit

Systems Audit

Due Diligence

Forensic Audit

Property Service Charge Audit


These include technical assistance in relation to compliance with the local tax laws and tax planning which enables our clients minimize their taxes payable yet comply with the law.


 We offer consultancy services in:

corporate tax

Individual tax

Tax Planning

Filing of Returns

Company Secretarial

These services are exclusively available to our valued clients, which include:

Compliance checks for statutory and legal requirements.

Advising various clients on company’s compliance requirements and company secretarial procedures.

Attending annual general meetings, board of directors’ meetings and board committee meetings for various clients.

Preparation and completion minutes of the various meetings.

Company Secretarial

Facilitating transfer of shares, increasing capital, allotments, rights issues, bonus issues etc.
Completing and filing of statutory documents with the registrar of companies relating to share transfers, annual returns, change in directorships, change of name etc.
Drafting of shareholders agreements.
Addressing all corporate governance issues for our various clients.
Other duties include preparation of bank resolutions and other documentation for various banks.
Maintaining register of members for various clients.
Preparation of share immobilization documents and listing of Public Companies.

Management and Financial Consultancy

A review of financial administration and management effectiveness is a must for business focused on optimizing returns. In this area, we offer service in matters of financial management, internal control systems and good development planning.

Management and Financial Consultancy

These services include:
Feasibility studies
Project analysis
Project evaluation
Financial planning and control
General business planning.

Specialized Services

We also offer specially designed service. These include:

Due Diligence: We offer consultancy services to clients considering investments, takeovers, acquisitions, mergers and valuations.

Insolvency: We offer business insolvency solutions. A business with interest in others in form of debenture holding, investments or suppliers/creditors can minimize loss by salvaging what it can in an ailing invested company.

Receivership: Interested parties in business enterprises my requires our services for receivership

Specialized Services

Staff recruitment and training: Special skills and talent search and in-house tailored training for staff in areas of finance management and taxation.
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