Corporate Governance Reviews

We provide the organization’s Board of Directors with an assessment of the existing corporate governance structures and make recommendations to improve governance structures. We further advise on practical measures to increase effectiveness, accountability, and transparency across the organization. Efficient, comprehensive, and timeous sharing of information by the management to the Board is fundamental in facilitating proper decision making by the Board. Our solution ensures that processes and structures linked to information sharing work properly for the best interest of the company.

Other Services include:

Board Effectiveness Review

The evaluation of the Board should encompass more than structures and processes. We make it a priority to understand Board dynamics during our review and we provide a report with our analysis of the state of the Board and recommendations for improving its effectiveness.

Board Training

Corporate governance training offers tangible benefits for board directors committed to playing a key role in guiding their company’s success. The training program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective board member, including:

  • Competitive advantage and how to leverage it for sustainable success
  • Engaging with diverse stakeholder perspectives
  • Developing your capability to influence and manage board relations
  • The value of corporate, social, and community responsibility.

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