Registering an NGO can seem to be a heavy task. This article breaks down each step to ensure your NGOs is registered with ease.

Procedure for registering an NGO in Kenya

The first step in the application for NGO registration is to conduct a name search through Form 1 and reservation. In this, submit your top 3 choices of names for your NGO. Once you have the approval showing reservation of the name you can proceed to make a formal application for registration using Form 1 and 3. Once the registration is successful an acknowledgement is issued by the NGO coordination Board and a certificate of registration is issued.

In Kenya, international NGOs seeking to be registered need to have at least 1/3 of its Board composition being Kenyan citizens. The Fees applicable also vary depending on where the NGO is local or international.

What requirements do I need?

  • A cover letter addressed to the Executive Director requesting Registration;
  • Copies of ID/Passport of and KRA PIN for each of the proposed officials.
  • Duly filed Form 1 and 3 (filed in BLOCK letters) as well as the approved Form 2 (Proof of name reservation);
  • Two coloured passport-sized photos on a white background of the top 3 proposed officials;
  • A copy of the police clearance certificate for Kenyans. For foreigners, a notarized police clearance certificate from their country of origin (at most 6 months old);
  • Two copies of the constitution signed by the 3 proposed officials. All the 3 top officials and two board members should sign on the execution page and one of the top official to sign on each page;
  • Signed (by top officials) minutes of the meeting authorizing the application for registration lodged and the election of the interim officials and;
  • The proposed budget for one-year.

For any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us by email or call us at +254 20 2686813 / +254 20 2557940 to start the process.

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